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BRENNA is a dark alternative pop/rock artist hailing from Houston, Texas. With her unique blend of haunting melodies, powerful vocals, and captivating storytelling, BRENNA is an artist unafraid of drama, or as she calls it, DRAMÁ . A vocalist, musician, producer, and songwriter, her sound ranges from edgy, sultry, and sinister, to soulful, earnest, and cinematic. A product of her parents’ rockstar love story, she got her musical start in her early teens performing her original songs at bar open mics every night of the week with her dad. BRENNA is a force to be reckoned with on a stage--at 16 she won the House of Blues battle of the bands as the only solo performer competing against 8 other bands, a first for the competition. BRENNA's music offers a glimpse into the darker corners of the human experience while celebrating the strength and resilience of the human spirit.Her music is inspired by complex facets of the human experience as well as a wide array of musical influences--Sara Bareilles, Amy Lee, The Beatles, Halsey, and Panic at the Disco, to name a few.


As an independent artist, she is also on the rise in the world of sync. She has songs with Concord including her first BRENNA release in 2022 "This House is Haunted", Glow Music including her second release in 2023 “MAD MAD MAD”, Mojo Music and Media including her 3rd release in 2023 “Straight to Hell”, and Koze Music. She won a reimagined covers competition with UK based label ‘Music Gateway’ for her rendition of KISS “I was made for loving you”, which has led to a reimagined covers project deal to be pitched for film TV opportunities.

This year, BRENNA is releasing a new song every month for her "Cue the Dramá" project. Follow her on social media and join her email list to keep up with her new music!

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